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    Normandy 75: International Conference

    Normandy 75 Conference, Portsmouth University, UK
    Normandy 75: An International Conference

    Global War Studies, Brécourt Academic, and the University of Portsmouth Business School – in association with The D-Day Story and the Navy Records Society – are pleased to announce a major international conference marking the 75th anniversary of the Normandy Campaign.

    Normandy 75 brings together scholars, students, and the general public to explore this seminal event in detail, and promote an interdisciplinary and international study of the Normandy Campaign by drawing upon the latest scholarship from a variety of disciplines. The conference also serves as a forum for Second World War historians to discuss and debate the wide-ranging, international implications of the campaign and how it impacted other theatres – and aspects – of the conflict.

    The City of Portsmouth, and the adjacent areas of Gosport and Southsea, have a close association with the Normandy Campaign. In 1944, Portsmouth lay at the heart of a vast marshalling area for around 30,000 British and Canadian troops involved in the invasion. Many of these personnel embarked on the vessels that would carry them to Normandy at Portsmouth and nearby loading points, while hundreds of warships, landing craft, and other elements of the amphibious assault force gathered there before setting sail for France in early June.

    The massive Portsmouth naval dockyard provided critical construction, repair, and supply facilities for the maritime elements of the invasion force, and also played a significant role in the construction of components of the famous 'Mulberry Harbours'. Portsmouth was also close to the command and control centre for Operation Neptune, located at Southwick House, a few miles north-east of the city.

    In short, there is no place within the United Kingdom more suited as a venue for this important conference on one of the most significant events in 20th century military history.

    Monday 22 – Wednesday 24 July

    Keynote Speakers

    Richard B. Frank, "June 1944: Calendar of Triumph, Calendar of Tragedy"John C. McManus, "Foundations of a Superpower: The American Experience in Normandy"Marc Milner, "Normandy, Politics, and the Press"Julie Summers, "A Month in the Country: June 1944 on the Home Front"Geoffrey Till, "The Normandy Landings and their Antecedents"

    Thursday 25 July - The Air War for Normandy and the Liberation of Europe

    The Air Command and Staff College, as part of USAF Air University, Maxwell AFB Alabama, in association with the United States Air Force Academy and Brécourt Academic, are pleased to announce a special plenary session, "The Air War for Normandy and the Liberation of Europe."Featured participants in this special plenary event include:Dr. S. Mike Pavelec, Air Command and Staff CollegeDr. Mike Bechthold, Juno Beach Centre AssociationDr. Sebastian Lukasik, Air Command and Staff CollegeDr. Margaret Martin (Colonel, USAF), Chair, Dept. of History, U.S. Air Force AcademyDr. John C. McManus, Missouri University of Science and TechnologyDr. Donald K. Mitchener, University of North TexasDr. Heather Venable, Air Command and Staff CollegeDr. Russell Hart, Hawai'i Pacific University